Visual Stress: a colourful side to Dyslexia

Visual Stress: a colourful side to Dyslexia

Presentation: Matthew Austen

Leicestershire Dyslexia Association

Presentation followed by Annual General Meeting


Wednesday 12th June 2019 at 7.30 pm 

Presentation:  7.30pm.  Business meeting: 8:30 approximately

Venue:   Stoneygate Baptist Church

315 London Road LEICESTER. LE2 3ND


Admission: £3.00 – Free to Members – Students £1.00

Refreshments will be available

Booking not required


Background Information


‘I am an Optometrist in Loughborough who has been involved with

helping dyslexic students with Colour Assessments for the past twenty years. Being dyslexic myself, I have an understanding of some of the aspects of dyslexia that can hold students back, but also appreciate some of the positives that dyslexia can bring. Through my work with colour, I can alleviate some of the Visual Stress related aspects of dyslexia in a way that I know would have helped me at school. This talk aims to concentrate on how Visual Stress can affect vision, the importance of ruling out all other visual factors with a full eye examination and then what happens during an assessment for Visual Stress.’

Matthew’s company is David Austen Optometry Ltd.



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